8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Harnessing Robust Models & Holistic Approaches to Drug Discovery to Better Recapitulate Disease Pathogenesis & Multiple Cardiometabolic Pathologies

8:30 am Holistic Approaches to Cardiometabolic Disease: Common Disease Pathology, Comorbidities & Combination Therapies


  • Unlocking next-generation incretin-based therapies as disease-modifying therapies
  • Human-centric approaches to drug development: how do we approach the holistic patient view in cardiometabolic disease from a pre-clinical perspectives in the future?
  • Two sides of the same coin: navigating holistic approaches to metabolic syndrome to redefine T2D treatment

8:50 am From a Simple Diet-Induced Obese Mouse to Animal Models With Multiple Comorbidities: Moving to Holistic Approaches in Preclinical Drug Efficacy Studies


  • Utility and limit of classical obese and diabetic preclinical models
  • Why do we need animal models with multiple comorbidities to differentiate novel drugs?
  • How multiple comorbidities models help demonstrating therapies potential for patients: examining concrete examples

9:00 am Demonstrating Transformative Weight Loss in in vivo Mice Models Leveraging a Unique Nanoparticle Delivery System


  • Combining nanoparticles with a thyroid hormone agonist to reduce weight loss to baseline
  • Assessing preclinical results in an obesity model and considering translation to the clinic
  • Novel findings from a well-known mechanistic target

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Interrogating in vivo & in vitro Preclinical Models to Understand Pathophysiology & Screen Targets


  • Debating the best model: recapitulating complex biology and comorbidities to test therapeutic efficacy
  • Tailoring disease models with patient-specific characteristics to execute precision medicine
  • From research to therapeutic application: bridging the translational gap

10:00 am Morning Break & Networking

Traversing Robust Outcome Trials & Commercial Strategy to Optimize the Pathway to Market

11:00 am Navigating Clinical Approval in Obesity: From Weight Loss to Life-Changing

  • Ofri Mosenzon Senior Medical Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc


  • Delineating FDA and EMA requirements in obesity and the pathway to drug approval
  • What can we learn from the successful development of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide?
  • What is the next step in demonstrating meaningful and long-acting weight loss?

11:30 am Leveraging T2D as a Development Strategy to Forge a Path in Metabolic Indications

  • Mark Fineman Chief Development Officer, Glyscend Therapeutics


  • Investigating the clinical path, regulatory, and market access in type 2 diabetes to indicate a more defined pathway into metabolic diseases
  • From diabetes to NASH: how can type 2 diabetes represent the first steps?
  • Assessing successes and setbacks in clinical strategy and development

12:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Unravelling Novel Opportunities for Drug-Based Management of Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes

1:00 pm Surgery in a Pill™: Harnessing Beneficial Effects of Bariatric Surgery with a Luminal-Targeted Oral Therapy

  • Nancy Briefs Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, AltrixBio


  • Replicating the metabolic effect of bariatric surgery with a short-acting oral drug
  • Procedure evolution in the context of 1% of eligible individuals undergoing surgery
  • Assessing STAMPEDE results showing remission of T2DM in 30% of patients at five years and 90% able to discontinue insulin

1:30 pm Spotlighting Gut-Mediated Mechanisms of Action to Reimagine Disease-Modifying Targets

  • Ashish Nimgaonkar Chief Executive Officer, Founder & Board Member, Glyscend Therapeutics


  • Elucidating the role of gut microbiota in beta cell dysfunction and insulin resistance
  • Unlocking gut signalling as disease-modifying therapies and unravelling gut targets based on the learnings from bariatric surgery
  • Pioneering a new generation of gut-targeted polymer therapies to improve blood glucose

2:00 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

2:30 pm Leveraging Insulin Sensitizers to Correct the Metabolic Dysfunction Associated with Obesity

  • Jerry Colca Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Scientific Officer


  • Metabolic reprogramming through a new mitochondrial target for TZD insulin sensitizers facilitated develop of new insulin sensitizers
  • New agents lack tolerability issues of direct transcriptional activators and can fully engage insulin sensitizing pharmacology through the newly identified mitochondrial target
  • Metabolic reprogramming occurs in multiple cell types to produce a pleiotropic pharmacology, which importantly includes improved response to viral infections

3:00 pm Disease-Modifying Pancreatic Gene Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes & Metabolic Disease

  • Harith Rajagopalan Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer, Fractyl Health


  • From chronic disease management to curative therapies in metabolic disease
  • Local pancreatic delivery as the key enabler
  • Disease-modifying islet-specific gene therapy in type 2 diabetes

3:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks